Presenting a list of iPhone apps that will help iPhone users manage online files, create a mind map, document messages, send out business cards, select a color and convert it to another, make computations and many more.

  • OpticsCalc

This is a handy optical calculator for  iPhone and iPad touch that is useful for everyone especially for students and engineers who know optical theory, but want a quick and efficient way to execute basic calculations. It will allow you to concentrate on solving problems while freeing yourself from having to remember so much equations.

  • Airdesign Chair

This app makes available measurements in feet and inches as estimates of the sizes and function of a dream house. It can also calculate the square footage of an existing house.

  • ZeptoPad

The only limit in this app is your imagination. ZeptoPad changes as more ideas were added such as sketch, design, planning and etc. You may drag and move text or picture elements anytime, cut, paste, and resize. You may also send worksheets directly to another iPhone.

  • BeamCalc

This app can show the resulting throw distance and elevation angle when you put in the light’s height above the target and distance across the floor. If you want to measure the pool’s width, then put in the light’s beam size in degrees. Adjust beam size or location to attain required poll size. BeamCalc can work with any units be it feet, centimeters, inches and etc. even miles.

  • Files

This app allows you to view and store files in your iPhone or iPod touch. You can link up to files from any Mac or PC and drag and drop files straight from the Finder or Windows Explorer as you would do with any other shared folder.

  • iBlueSky

This app is a brainstorming and mind-mapping solution for the iPhone and iPod touch. It works to collect and organize ideas you have at odd moments, then allows you to email the complete project file in PDF and PNG formats to any contact. By using the app, you can even print a hard copy of your work in PDF file.

  • Units

This is a simple unit conversion utility app for iPhone and iPad touch. This app works and resembles a calculator. You can put in digits and “units” and it will do the conversion. This app makes converting typographic points to millimeter or inches relatively easy.

  • Google Calendar

By using this app you can be able to check your schedule from anywhere. You can browse it at any time of day to see all your scheduled events at a glance.

  • Dexigner News & Events

This app delivers latest design events, news, exhibitions, conferences and design competitions.

  • iTranslate Voice

This app will allow you to get real-time speech-to-speech translations using your iPhone gadget. Support is available for 36 languages. Just say what you want to be translated and the app will also say it aloud in your chosen language. You can use it to have a conversation if you’re travelling in a foreign country. You can also input text to check the definitions, translation and check on the common phrases.

  • Waze

No more time wasted in traffic or paying more than you have to, to gas up. This app can solve both problems at one instance by supplying you with access to real-time traffic information so you can plan your rerouting and allow you to check gas prices provided by an active user community. This app also has a navigation system that offers voice-guided instructions which can update automatically to re-route you to avoid being stuck in traffic.

  • Clear

This is an appropriate name for a to-do-list app that comprehends the benefits of clarity when it comes to increasing efficiency. This app is pretty simple to use and intuitive. It’s can be controlled with simple hand gestures- pull down to create a new task, wipe to make it complete and pinch to toggle list. You can get your list laid out every day and you can work through it. The app has stunning interface and effortless gesture controls that make it ideal for anyone on the lookout for a simple to-do-list app.


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