A new breed of iPhone apps have begun to be available in the App Store that have more spontaneous and smooth interfaces. Most of these apps, have made iPhone become a much more integrated gadget for managing productivity. After checking out a lot of them, the following are the best iPhone productivity app created so far due to its value and use:

Sleep Cycle Alarm. This app would help you to wake up feeling better rested and ready to tackle the day because this app makes use of the accelerometer in iPhone to assess  a user’s sleep cycles and then wakes them when they enter the phase that our bodies would naturally wake if we didn’t have an alarm or the lightest sleep phase . It’s when we are awaken from the deeper phases of our sleep cycle that we feel dazed as if we did not have had a good night sleep. Although  this will not help in improving your sleeping habits.

Tempo. This app processes information found elsewhere and attempts to pull contacts, docs, relevant maps, email threads, and presentations into calendar events. It draws on artificial intelligence to confer users with relevant information and action-items as events are created and when they are referenced.

Any Do. This app has a sleek interface that combines functionality and simplicity while also giving users the capability to share, assign, and team up on tasks with others.

Focus Time. This is an invaluably simple tool that helps users to put together healthy habits of “batching” related tasks into uninterrupted periods of time.

Mailbox. This is an app that permits users to manage their email instead of letting their email inbox manage their time. It has rethought how to administer emails on a smart phone by making it easy to reach the targeted zero Inbox emails. It does it by setting up an email scheduling option. You can utilize several intuitive swipes to archive, delete, file, or schedule them to reappear at a later time rather than reading through emails and then letting them accumulate in your inbox.

Dropbox. This is an app that solves the problem of having files that are always inaccessible or out of date at the most important time. It allows users to store, sync, share and access files across all their devices.

Evernote. A go to app that makes it easy to take notes by typing, clipping, scanning or uploading. You may even attach audio files, photos and other attachments on each note sent. As it was created to help organize big data of life, the indelible capability of Evernotes resides in its unique search capabilities that allow users to filter documents and notes quickly to retrieve the information they need.

Mint. Is a free personal finance tool that allows you to connect in real time your credit card, savings, loan, and investment accounts and view your balances and bills in real time. It also allows you to make a budget and then track and evaluate spending habits.

Habit Lists. This is an app designed to help one develop good habits and break bad ones. The user will just enter the habits that they’d like to work on, or the one’s that you’d like to stop, then enter the intervals in which they would repeat the reminder.


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