Millions of individual around the world has its own iPhone these days and the majority of them are using iPhone apps.  Apple iPhone is now considered as one of the most useful cell phone in the world. So that’s why there is a great demand for iPhone apps for it is the most usable application on mobile. Thousand of various iPhone apps are still available on App Store but not all of them are important for your iPhone. Only few of them are important for your iPhone and a must have.

The most powerful application of iPhone is the spyware.  A spyware is any technology that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge. The following are some name for iPhone apps and how it works in iPhone

Call Tracking. This app is safe for your iPhone. SpyBubble’s cell phone spy tool tracks numbers from every outgoing and incoming call. It can see the number the call was made to as well as the call was made from, the time the calls took place and also the duration of the calls. Even more if the name has been assigned to the phone’s memory you will be able to see who it is. It means that you will know who it is even without making a call to find out who it is. Are you amazed to what it can offer? Then have it in your iPhone.

SMS Tracking. This iPhone app is a SpyBubble. Most sensitive information is too risky for conversation and is sent through SMS. This tracking tool will give you a word-for-word SMS logs of every message sent and received. Take note that even if the holder erased them this app will still function as it is supposed to. You can track your shipment using your iPhone anytime and anywhere. Imagine this, just sent the shipment number through SMS to one of Aramex number and get SMS instant update on status of your shipment. Isn’t it great?

GPS Location Tracking. This amazing app let you tract the exact position of the phone’s whereabouts and then it shows you where they are by using Google maps. This will even help you verify whether the person you are talking to is telling you the truth regarding their whereabouts ‘cause it gives you their exact location. It is such a great help and is really useful in your daily activities.

Phone book access. This also a must have in your iPhone. Every iPhone users uses this iPhone SpyBubble for it lets you see every phone numbers registered on the memory of the phone. This is a safe apps for your iPhone though this apps access your phone details.

These are only few of those important and useful apps that is being offered in the Apps Store. If you think that these apps are performing well which is really true then don’t waste your time and money downloading and buying those less important apps that offers unnecessary features in your iPhone. Instead be wise in spending for iPhone apps.


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