Many iPhone and iPad users nowadays are currently studying as college students or still heading off to college or returning for another year of study. These devices can be your great companion for studying, note taking, storing your work, and much more. The App DStore has so much to offer to help you in your success and being productive than ever. Here are some best pick apps that will help you much.

Dropbox. This will help college students in having a central place to store all media and documents for them to be within reach.  From assignments and documents to lecture notes and term papers, everything Dropbox can store it all. You can access documents you need from your iPhone, iPad or computer. With this app you’ll never find yourself forgetting an important document or paper again.

Time management is a top priority for every college students to make sure that deadlines were met and schedules were done accordingly for exams review. Having a heavy course load or typically have trouble delegating time to different assignments, iStudiez Pro is best for you. With push notifications to tell you when assignment or task is due, it’s great way to make sure you stay on top of courses all semester. You can also add your schedule to make sure you never miss s class or recitation. Track your assignments in only a few taps and set up notifications for study time or due dates to make sure everything is ready for when you get to class.

Here are two apps that will help you in note takings, the Evernote and the Notability.

Notability let you take typed notes and handwritten as well. For lectures, you can use the voice recording option to make it easier in taking notes. It’s also a good tool for recording yourself if you need to practice for speech or presentation. If you attend a lot of lectures you’d like to be able to record and take handwritten notes then Notability is best fit for you.Evernotes on the other hand is a note taking apps with support to for tags, separate notebooks, iCloud sync and more. Evernote is a way to efficiently take notes and find them at a moment’s notice.

With the ability to plot graphs and so much more, Quick graph+ is a good option for taking math courses. This apps also supports Cartesians, polar, cylindrical and spherical coordinates systems as well as hyperbolic and inverse functions. Quick Graph+ also gives access to common function library that makes finding and analyzing data quicker.

iTunes Uis a great resource of anyone. There is a good chance that you can find lectures and class material available for download straight to your iPhone or iPad. For users that don’t have iTunes U support yet, it’s still great supplementary study tool that is sure to have tons of videos and lecture material on topics you are currently studying. This app will help you provide supplementary learning tool or have a fallback plan to study topics you are having trouble grasping.

If you are using a Mac or need to use iPhone or iPad to write papers and put together spreadsheet or power point assignments, get pages, keynote and numbers. With iCloud sync, all your papers, worksheet, and presentations will remain in sync no matter where you are or what device you are working on. Good news is that they are available to purchase separately, so you can purchase only the ones you need. This will allow you to export to .doc, .xls, and .ppt formats so PC users can open and share your documents as well.

You can still add up some other apps that are helpful in your studies. Be wise in choosing apps before downloading and buying them.


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