Many apps are available now in App Store. It is up to us on what apps to pick out that are suitable in our daily activities. This article is intended to give suggestions of necessary apps that will help businessmen to make their daily transactions simpler and efficient for them and to their clients.

It is common for businessmen to do scanning documents that are necessary in daily transactions. There is an app for this, the Scanner Pro. This is useful especially when you don’t have a scanner or computer at hand and you need to get something to a client right away. Simply take a photo of the pages on your phone in order to create a document. This app is a great place to keep copies of common documents. From here, they are ready to be sent off the minute you need them. Not only does it make work that used to only be possible inside the office manageable from the outside, but your clients will be impressed when they receive needed documents in only a matter of minutes.

Dropbox is a must have also. This will give businessman immediate access to files from anywhere on iPhone and iPad, Dropbox has Mac and Windows applications to keep your desktop and laptop computers in sync. Even away from home or don’t have access to your iPhone, logging into the Dropbox website gives you access to your files wherever you may need them from. No wonder many people are using it. This app makes getting files and documents to clients simpler.

eKey is best for realtor in lieu of lockboxes which is used on a regular basis to unlock and show houses. Updating keys before leaving the office is so irritating. Having eKey in one of your apps will not require you to remember updating your keys anymore. Simply download the eKey app for free and log in with your agent ID. You’ll need to procure the equipment and attachments from Supra before using the eKey app. Once you are all set up, just log in with your agent ID and you’re ready to go. You will have the ability to unlock homes to show your clients at a moment’s notice anywhere you have service.

Businessmen have lots of passwords for confidential files that they need to keep. This is due to the idea that it is not good to have universal password for multiple accounts. Forgetting passwords is such a headache and has a bad effect on you cause an inconvenience for your clients when you can’t access information they want to know. So make sure that you have this app called 1Password. It can remember all your passwords and log ins as well as generate strong passwords for you.

Travel has always been part in doing business. And gas mileage is tax deductible for self employed businessmen. That is why it is essential to keep track of how many miles you are driving and to where. Trip Cubby app is willing to do that for you. Along with this tracking general mileage, you can also make notes as to what you are travelling for and why you are logging it.

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